9 Best Mobile Messaging Apps

Today’s generation’s method of communication has been changed. During the past decade, the young generation is getting more and more attractive towards chats, messaging over the internet. With developed smartphone technologies texting has been way lot easier and better than ever.

  1. Whatsapp- One of the most prominent online messaging app that has a user base of more than 200 million people worldwide.
  2. Facebook Messenger- World’s most popular social networking site. With 2.41 Billion users all over the world, the Facebook messenger has a huge reach. It also provides some best in class feature to its users, which adds more to its popularity.
  3. Google hangout- Embedded in Gmail, it is widely used along with Google+ and Gmail. Hangout provides a user-friendly interface and multiple useful features to its users.
  4. WeChat- Most widely famous and used in China. WeChat is one of the most used messaging apps in the world with a user base of more than 1 Billion people.
  5. SnapChat- This app is currently most eminent among the youth because of its advanced interesting features. It allows its users to send auto-deleting photos and videos known as snaps.
  6. Instagram Messenger- Instagram is a widely famous Image sharing App. Because of its popularity, Instagram’s inbuilt messaging app is also widely used to share pages, posts, videos, photos, and Messages.
  7. Viber- Viber is a cross-platform Messaging and Voice-Chatting application managed by Japanese MNC Rakuten. According to the survey by Statista.
  8. Telegram- this app is currently gaining a lot of attention because of its cool and trendy features. It allows users to send and receive files of unlimited size to any user.
  9. Line- another Japanese Application in line is LINE (all caps). It one of the most successful and revenue-generating applications in Japan. With 600 million registered users and around 187 monthly active users its one of the favorite Applications among youth in Asia-Pacific.

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