How To Creating The Android & iOS Mobile Application Using Native Script & Angular Js

You need to understand thoroughly all about Native Script and Angular Js, with the help of which you would be able to create applications for both Android and iOS Mobile Application. Native Script is nothing but a set of tools or a framework that is usually combined with Angular JS. Both of them together will ensure a magnificent building of mobile software. This combined force of the two also can build web applications as well as mobile applications using the same technology.


There are a few steps that you need to follow accordingly to successfully build applications for both android and iOS devices using the same code. Given below are those steps-

  1. To start, you first need to install the Native Script Playground Application. You have to scan the QR code after downloading the app. You can download the preview app that will start on either your Android or iOS device. You can build various native software with the number of tutorials that they offer.
  2. You need to make then sure to test all the applications that you find in the Playground application. To check them, you would need to download the command-line interface of Native Script.
  3. Get the prior knowledge of how to work with Native Script from scratch and then build your applications after you run Native Script.
  4. Stay well connected with the massive community of Native Script to stay updated regarding all its latest information.

Native Script can carry on with the creation of the application alone, but together with Angular Js, it becomes better and faster. So, if you are looking for any company that deals with Ecommerce Website Design & Development in Trichy, search for web design Trichy, you need to make sure that you can too create an iOS as well as Android Softwares of the same.

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