Real Estate App Development

Mobile Apps are one of the easiest platforms through which one can reach global customers and increase his/her brand awareness. The real estate apps offer the best opportunity in which the Buyer can choose an ideal home according to his budget estimate.

Real Estate App Development Features

Broker panel Features:-

  1. Login (Buyers must have to create a login using an email and phone number. Buyer can also use social media platforms.)
    2. User Profile (Registered seller/buyer will be verified by security code and the name, the address can be added).
    3. Filter Search (Buyers can filter multiple searches according to need and then add to the favorite list to choose best)
    4. Adding Maps and Geo-location (It is the integral feature of real estate app which helps the user to find the exact location of the property)
    5. Offering Loan Facility (It is very advantageous for Buyers)

Admin Panel Features: –

  1. Managing Users and property (Admin needs to manage Buyers, Sellers, and Brokers, property details)
    2. Adding Discounts and Offers (Admin is the main decider to offer the discounts, rewards, etc)

Additional Features: –

  1. Push Notifications (This is the vital feature to add this app. It send the messages to the targeted audience)
    2. Loan Calculator (It will be best to offer a loan calculator in which users can calculate their monthly installments and loan EMIs)

Real Estate App Development Cost Estimation

The estimated cost of real estate app development generally depends upon the choice of the platform, implementation of the features, functionalities, app designing, testing, selection of pricing model and app Development Company but an approx range would be around $20 to $23k.

People no more have to move out to get information as these apps to provide them with all in one place. so whether it is searching an ideal home for living/renting out, contacting broker one can sure to get the best-in-class services.

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