Our AI-based solutions give you the agility to respond to changing conditions in real-time for greater safety, profitability, and sustainability.

Artificial intelligence (AI) to boost agility:Optimize with AI softwares

TZI is a leading artificial intelligence development company dedicated to advancement and innovation in the field of AI and machine learning. OurAI solution team develops cutting-edge solutions that are implemented by some of the world's largest organizations, in addition to startups and individual innovators.

Purpose-built for your industry and application requirements, our solutions integrate AI technology and machine-learning capabilities. This enables a constant state of self-optimization through autonomous and semi-autonomous processes.

Advantages of AI-based solutions

With our industrial AI solutions, you’ll be able to better detect current performance issues and better predict future ones, minimizing risk of failure of critical assets and maximizing operational performance.AI-based technologies analyse large amounts of data quickly and present information that guarantees safe decision making


Identify anomalies in processes, equipment, and assets with advanced pattern recognition and machine learning.

Improve yield and operational efficiency with first-principles analysis, machine learning, and purpose-built algorithms

Gain insight and minimize risk with root-cause analysis, prescriptive guidance, and risk-based decision support.


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